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The Wakefield region is home to hundreds of Council-owned buildings and structures and these range from tool sheds and playgrounds, to historical halls and memorial sites. Often the management and care of these assets is undertaken in partnership with community groups that occupy Council-owned sites.

Each year, Council makes significant investment directly to the maintenance and upgrade of these buildings. The financial burden on Council would be considerably more if not for the tireless efforts of many people within the community.

Council needs to make decisions about the right level of investment it should make to maintain or renew these built assets, some of which are approaching the end of their useful life.

We need to balance the value the community places on these assets, with the ongoing costs – largely borne by ratepayers – of maintaining them.

Planning for these assets

Councils to develop and adopt infrastructure and asset management plan(s), to help ensure infrastructure is being managed prudently and safely, and is delivering the level of services expected by the community.

Wakefield’s existing Buildings & Structures IAMP is 10 years old and we’re taking a fresh look at these assets to ensure we have an updated plan that meets our community’s expectations.



Review our draft Buildings & Structures Infrastructure Asset Management Plan.(2343 kb)

You can also view our previous 2008 Buildings & Structures Infrastructure Asset Management Plan here.



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The consultation will be open until Friday 17 May, 5pm

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