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Have your say on Council’s Community Waste Management System plan

Published 18th April 2024

Council is seeking community feedback on its Community Waste Management Systems Plan for 2024.

Council operates five CWMS effluent systems that control and remove effluent waste in townships with these being integral parts to the way effluent is managed in Wakefield.

Currently there is 74km of pipe across five towns in Wakefield to capture and remove wastewater.

In 2020, Council commenced a comprehensive review of its overarching strategic plan in close collaboration and consultation with the community and adopted Wakefield 2030 at its meeting held 25 November 2020.

Wakefield 2030 has set the strategic direction for Council’s other strategic plans including Infrastructure Asset Management Plans (IAMPs) and Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP).

The current IAMP for CWMS was adopted on 28 April 2021. This involved extensive inspection, capturing and condition assessing all wastewater assets of Council.

These assessments helped establish an improved asset register for council to gauge future maintenance, renewal and upgrades on our effluent systems and pipelines.

Our latest plan outlines known faults and risks associated with the effluent systems, with the goal of this plan to renew and maintain assets in a cost-effective manner.

This will help to future proof our effluent and wastewater systems for present and future users. Council’s draft Infrastructure Asset Management Plan for CWMS is now open for consultation with the plan available on Council’s website for reviewing and comment

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