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Wakefield 2030 vision and themes: have your say

30th July 2020

Wakefield Regional Council is asking the community what it thinks about a draft vision and key priority areas for the next 10 years.

An online survey is available as part of the engagement on the Wakefield 2030 Community Plan – a strategic document to guide Council and community priority actions for the decade ahead.

Mayor Rodney Reid says over the past year, many residents, businesses, farmers and industry representatives have joined us at forums to discuss a desired future for the Wakefield region.

“This has all been part of developing Wakefield 2030 – a community strategic plan to guide our activities, help us invest in the appropriate areas and ensure the region is set up for success," Mayor Reid said.

“Council has now worked through the hundreds of ideas coming from those forums and, concentrating on areas with the strongest feedback, designed three key themes – or focus areas – for the coming 10 years. Each theme will include priority actions to help us achieve our community’s vision for the region.

“The COVID-19 emergency meant we had to cancel several ‘check in’ forums to test out the themes, so the survey seeks to do just that.

“Through the survey we’re also asking for feedback on a community vision for Wakefield.”

Mayor Reid stressed the survey did not include all details of the Wakefield 2030 plan, which will be published for feedback later in the year once endorsed by Council.

“This isn’t a review of specific actions but seeking feedback on the high level, strategic direction we wish to take,” he said.

“The full Wakefield 2030 plan will be subject to Council discussion and endorsement prior to a final round of community consultation in late 2020.”

Start the survey, click here

If you would like a hard copy of the survey sent to you, please let us know by email or by phone 8862 0800.