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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak (Coronavirus) in Australia and across the globe, Wakefield Regional Council is taking proactive measures to stop the spread. Our front counter remains open but please call or email us in the first instance. We are trying to minimise risk to our people and our community so, if you can carry out business with us online or on phone, do so.

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Other Plans

Animal Management Plan

This plan is in place to promote and facilitate responsible ownership of dogs and cats, animal welfare and the benefits of animal companionship. The Plan focuses on the legitimate needs of pets and their owners while respecting the rights of other members of the community and protecting the environment.

 2017-2022 Animal Management Plan 


Development Plan

Development Plans are the key on-the-ground development assessment documents in South Australia. They contain the rules that set out what can be done on any piece of land across the state, and the detailed criteria against which development applications will be assessed. Development Plans cover distinct and separate geographic areas of the state. There is a separate Development Plan for each one of the 68 local council areas, plus a handful of other Development Plans covering areas not situated within local government boundaries. Development Plans outline what sort of developments and land use are and are not envisaged for particular zones (eg residential, commercial, industrial), and various objectives, principles and policies further controlling and affecting the design and other aspects of proposed developments.

Development Plan


Economic Statement & Action Plan

This Economic Statement and Action Plan presents Wakefield Regional Council’s plan of action to help build the prosperity and sustainability of the Council region. The Plan provides Council with a framework to guide the business and industry development that is required to underpin and improve the vibrancy and diversity of the area. The Plan seeks to establish partnerships with all levels of government and the private sector as well as foster regional collaboration.

It is focussed on supporting existing attributes of the Council area to develop a competitive advantage and foster growth so that businesses are retained in the area and opportunities for new businesses are created. In this way the existing and future population of the Council area is supported and future opportunities are created.

 2013-2020 Economic Statement & Action Plan


Regional Health Plan

This Regional Public Health Plan has been jointly prepared by the Councils that make up the Yorke Peninsula Alliance.

  • District Council of Barunga West
  • District Council of Copper Coast
  • Wakefield Regional Council
  • Yorke Peninsula Council

The Councils of the Yorke Peninsula region already contribute to the health and wellbeing of their communities in the four priority areas identified by the State Public Health Plan.

  • Building stronger, healthier communities for all generations
  • Increasing opportunities for healthy living, eating and being active
  • Preparing for climate change
  • Sustaining and improving public and environmental health

Two additional regional priority areas are identified in the Plan.

  • Maintaining and Improving access to Health Services through initiatives including wider access to transport, better coordination of services and use of telehealth technology.
  • Governance and decision making that leads to stronger relationships and greater collaboration between Councils, community stakeholder groups and service providers.

pdfRegional Public Health Plan 2014-2020

Business Continuity Plan

Council has a tested Business Continuity Plan in place which aims to build organisational capabilities to ensure we can continue to deliver critical business objectives in the face of uncertainty or disruption.

Natural Resources Management Plan - Northern and Yorke Region

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke is responsible for delivering a range of programs and projects on behalf of the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board and the Department of Environment Water. NRM Northern and Yorke works with  volunteers and the broader Northern and Yorke community to encourage sustainable production practices, and to conserve and manage the region's public lands environment.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke is consulting on its draft Regional NRM Plan 2019-29 until 30 October 2018, which comprises:

Find at more about Natural Resources Northern and Yorke including how to have your say.