Event Management

We encourage and support community events and see them as a way of bringing people in our region together and drawing in visitors from elsewhere.

When do I need to do a major event permit?

If you, or your organisation, are hosting a community event in a public reserve or space; need to close off roads and have traffic management during the event; are planning to sell/serve food to the general public; or all of the above. We strongly advise you to lodge a permit.

Please be mindful that we require a permit within at least 20 days of your event date.

How do I lodge a permit?

1. Read our Major Event Management Guide PDF, 820.58 KB for a condensed check list on what you need to do and have in mind for your event.

2. When you're ready and have a good idea of what your event will look like, fill in the Major Event Permit.

3. Lodge the permit with Council.

4. Invite the Mayor to your Event (online form) to hand out awards, make a speech or more: