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What can you recycle?

Recycle Waste Bin Items (Yellow Lid Mobile Garbage Bin 240Litre)
Paper and cardboard including:
  • newspapers, glossy magazines, catalogues, food boxes, packaging, egg cartons;
  • envelopes, including those with plastic windows;
  • empty pizza boxes and rinsed takeaway cardboard packaging;
  • no need to bundle up papers;
  • crush cardboard boxes before placing in bin.
Metal tins and cans including:
  • rinsed food, drink and pet food cans;
  • biscuit tins;
  • empty aerosol cans;
  • leave labels on;
  • rinse out cans and tins;
  • metal lids off cans and glass jars can be put in a can and squashed to hold them in.
Plastics (all rigid plastic containers) including:
  • detergent, cleaning products and spray bottles;
  • shampoo, conditioner and cosmetic bottles;
  • drink bottles and containers;
  • yoghurt, chocolate and biscuit trays, ice cream and butter tubs;
  • clean plant pots and seeding tubs;
  • rinse containers;
  • remove lids and put into your waste bin.
Drink and food cartons including:
  • milk, custard, juice, fruit boxes, ice-cream;
  • rinse items to remove odour;
  • cartons with foil or plastic liners are acceptable. Liners are removed in the recycling process.
Glass (bottles and jars) including:
  • all empty beverage and medicine bottles;
  • jars and condiment bottles;
  • broken bottles and jars put into your waste bin;
  • other glass such as mirrors, pyrex, light bulbs, windscreen or window glass have a different melting point or coatings making them unsuitable. Place these into your waste bin;
  • remove lids, place metal lids into a metal can in recycling bin.
Recycling Mobile Phones

Mobile phones will be accepted at waste depots in drums provided, or some retailers have agreed to take back mobile phones for recycling. 

For information on retail outlets, phone 1300 730 070.

Clean Up Australia is asking you to donate your old mobile phones for recycling. Program partner Aussie Recycling Program (ARP) will ensure that all phones are reused or recycled with nothing ending up in landfill. What's more, ARP will donate $3 to Clean Up Australia for each phone donated. You can post your phone using a specially designed pre-paid envelope. Call 02 8197 3400 for an envelope. The Clean Up website has further details.