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Burning Permits

Fire Permits for Broad Acre Farming

Conditional Permit Burning Season – 1 March to 30 April

A permit can be obtained by contacting the Council Office. All conditions outlined on the permits must be adhered to at all times under State legislation.

Once you have received your permit, it is still a requirement for you to contact Council on the daily basis if you are burning off.

When the fire permit has been issued it is the permit holders responsibility to maintain a safe burn off and must be mindful of local weather condition and be aware of any possible change in those weather conditions.

Fire & Emergency Services Act & Regulations 2005 Permit Conditions(145 kb)

Council Fire Permit Conditions(162 kb)

Burning on Domestic and Non-Domestic Premises

Burning hours between:

10.00am – 3.00pm Monday to Saturday

No burning permitted on Sundays or Public Holidays.

If you are wanting to have a small fire (a comfort fire) it needs to be no bigger than 1 metre square, with a 4 metre clearance around and above, in a 20cm deep trench.

Incinerator use is allowed in a properly constructed incinerator with a 4 metre clearance around and above.

For more information with regards to burning on domestic and non-domestic premises see the Environment Protection Authority’s Air Quality Control Policy.

Comfort fires vs Burning fires

People can have comfort fires (for cooking or warmth) but:

  • The area must be clear
  • Not more than 1 meter square (fire)
  • Not emanating excess or noxious smoke
  • Not on Fire ban days
  • Someone responsible is with the fire at all times
  • The fire is put out after use
  • We recommend letting your neighbours know you are having a fire

Fire for burning of rubbish (fires on the ground) cannot be lit until the end of fire season. Currently the end of fire season is April 30.

Incinerators are an outdated method of getting rid of waste and the Environmental Protection Authority and the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act are further restricting their use in built up areas.

Currently Incinerators can be used:

  • Not on fire ban days
  • Only between 10:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday (not weekend or  public holidays)
  • Only paper, cardboard and Greenwaste
  • Be polite and let your neighbours know as Council receives numerous complaints in regard to smoke coming through windows and tainting washing on clothes lines.
  • No plastics or chemicals to be burned.

***Please be aware that these use of incinerator and back yard burning practices are being review by Council and that each residential property within the Council area is supplied with free transfer station vouchers every year to assist in the removal of waste from residential properties within the region.

Any fires under permit conditions will need to notify Council, their local CFS officer and let all their neighbours know their intention to light a fire. Fire Prevention Officer Katie Walker has noted some farmers (burning near built up areas) are advertising on local Facebook pages/groups and she thinks this is a great idea to let the community know what is going on.