Patrol Grading

Grading gives unsealed roads a freshen up. It works to improve the quality and longevity of a road, generally making it smoother.

Read our fact sheet on our unsealed road network

Our Patrol Grading Progress

You can view the progress of our patrol grading as it happens by using the live, interactive map below.

As a general guide, 'category 1 and 2' roads are graded 4 times per year; 'category 3' roads are graded 3 times per year; ‘category 4' roads are graded 2 times per year; ‘category 5 and 6' roads are graded once a year.

You can read more about our road categories and how we manage our roads on a regional scale by reading our Asset Management Plan (Transport).

Please note although we intend to achieve the targets of our Asset Management Plan, this may change due to weather conditions and other factors.

Note: the map will take a few seconds to appear.

By clicking on a road segment the following information will be displayed:

  • Road Name
  • Grading Zone
  • Road Category Type
  • Grading Frequency
  • Last Grading Date

Date is displayed: Year/Month/Day