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Home based business

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Benefits of home-based business

Home-based businesses can offer a range of unique benefits, including:

  • local employment and wealth creation
  • supporting existing businesses
  • contributing to passive surveillance of neighbourhoods
  • promoting the social benefits of being able to work and care for a dependent
  • unclogging our roads and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • supporting local retail and hospitality businesses.

Can a business be run from home?

Within South Australia, a small business can be operated from home provided that it can meet the requirements of a "Home Activity” as defined by the Development Regulations, 2008. A business that meets the requirements of a “Home Activity” is not deemed to be development and does not require development approval from the Council. Prior to undertaking a home activity, it is advisable to check with the Council to ensure that the business is in accord with the home activity definition and guidelines, and therefore exempt from requiring development approval from the Council.

What is a home activity? 

The Development Regulations, 2008, define a home activity as a use of a site by a person resident on the site that: 1. does not detrimentally affect the amenity of the locality or any part of the locality; and 2. that does not require or involve any of the following: 
  • assistance by more than one person who is not a resident in the dwelling;
  • use (whether temporarily or permanently) of a floor area exceeding 30 square metres;
  • the imposition on the services provided by a public utility organisation of any demand or load greater than that which is ordinarily imposed by other users of the services in the locality;
  • the display of goods in a window or about the dwelling or its curtilage; or 
  • the use of a vehicle exceeding three tonne tare in weight. 

What sort of activities can cause a problem?

The majority of complaints that the Council receives regarding home activities are in respect to:

  • repeated, prolonged or loud noise;
  • increased traffic in the street, particularly delivery 
  • vehicles and customer car parking;
  • smoke, smells, fumes & dust pollutants; and
  • the operation of the business outside of normal working hours. Land uses such as mechanical workshops, panel beating, spray painting and activities that involve the use of noisy machinery are not generally considered to be “Home Activities”

Activities involving public and environmental health

Whilst a “Home Activity” may not require development authorisation from the Council, it should be noted that some home based businesses such as food preparation, child care and hairdressing are governed by other legislative requirements.