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What does Council do?

What Councils Do

Councils decide what services they will provide locally, however, there are some services which Councils are required to provide by legislation.

These include:

  • planning and development services, including building assessment
  • some environmental health services, such as monitoring cooling towers for Legionnaire's Disease
  • fire prevention (some building inspection, and some bushfire prevention planning functions are a duty, others are discretionary)
  • some administrative requirements, such as preparing strategic plans for the area, maintaining an office, employing a Chief Executive Officer and supporting the elected Council.
Discretionary Services Provided for the Wakefield Regional Council Community
  • Abandoned and impounded vehicles
  • Administration of area (including special events; political lobbying, etc).
  • Aged care services (eg passenger transport)
  • Animals and keeping of non-domestic pets
  • Animal and plant control (agriculture) through the local board
  • BBQ's in parks and reserves
  • Building applications
  • Business development
  • By-Laws
  • Car parks
  • Clean air controls
  • Citizenship
  • Community bus
  • Community care
  • Community functions (eg Australia Day)
  • Community grants
  • Community halls and centres
  • Community information
  • Community services directory
  • Council newsletter
  • Council property
  • Cycle and walking tracks
  • Economic development
  • Emergency services levy on council property
  • Environmental health matters
  • Environmental issues
  • European wasp
  • Financial loans for community groups
  • Fire prevention
  • Footpaths
  • Grant procurement - capital projects
  • Grants - community assistance
  • Home maintenance assistance (government program)
  • Immunisation
  • Insurance - community buildings and other assets
  • Insurance - public liability (cost in 2007/2008 $76,397.00)
  • Land development - residential
  • Legislative enforcement - general
  • Library services
  • Lighting - streets/public places
  • Litter control
  • Local history
  • Noticeboards (public)
  • Ovals, Parks and Reserves
  • Parking bays
  • Parking controls
  • Patrol grading
  • Planning consent and court appeals
  • Playgrounds
  • Property searches (land agent enquiries etc)
  • Public cemeteries
  • Public seating
  • Public toilets
  • Recreational/Sporting facilities
  • Road management
  • Rubbish collection
  • Rubbish disposal - transfer stations and landfill
  • Signs - moveable/permanent
  • Street closures
  • Street lighting
  • Street sweeping
  • Street tree planting
  • Stormwater drainage (eg catchment facilities, kerbing, etc)
  • Swimming pools (public)
  • Tourism promotion
  • Traffic control devices
  • Tree trimming (roadsides and other public places)