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Wakefield 2030 Community Plan

That's our vision for Wakefield 2030. We're working towards keeping our places and spaces the best they can be for businesses, industries and communities.

After many months of community engagement, Council used the feedback from face-to-face workshops, written submissions and online surveys to create a new vision and three key themes, or areas of focus, that will guide us in achieving our plans for the next 10 years.

You can download and read the Wakefield 2030 Community Plan

Listed below are our three key themes:


Wakefield is a great place to live, work and play. Our vibrant, attractive towns are full of energy and excitement, with places and spaces designed for people to pursue recreation, leisure and fun. Our communities are connected by social events, a sense of pride and belonging and quality infrastructure that serves them well.


Wakefield is open for business. Our region’s economic future is bright as existing businesses thrive and expand, while new businesses and industries put down local roots. Our population is growing as people recognise the affordable, quality lifestyle on offer, with new housing options enticing people to move to the area.


Wakefield has a clean, green future. Strong partnerships between Council, the community and other agencies have been formed as we come together to manage our environment in the best possible way. We are seen as a region that respects its natural assets and seeks sustainable outcomes for the community.

Shaping Wakefield 2030 and our plans

Wakefield 2030 is the community's 10-year plan that will drive Council's activities.

It shapes:

  • Our Long Term Financial Plan
  • Our Asset Management Plans

Together these plans are known as strategic plans. Each year of the strategic plans then determines what activities will be included in the Annual Community Plan and budget for that year.