Pest Plants & Animals

To protect the local environment and industries it's important pest plants and animals are well controlled and managed.

Pest plants that are a significant threat to agriculture, the natural environment and public health and safety are called declared plants. Land owners have a legal responsibility to manage these plants. The Natural Resources Management (NRM) Act 2004 sets out the legal framework for:

  • banning the sale of declared weeds
  • controlling the movement of declared weeds
  • destroying or controlling infestations of declared weeds
  • notifying authorities when an infestation is detected.

Natural Resources Northern and Yorke has a clearly defined approach to managing pests and useful information about declared plants of South Australia, what is being done locally to manage pest plants and advice for local landholders.

Here are some useful links from the Natural Resources Northern and Yorke website:

Pest animals can pose a significant threat to agriculture, the natural environment and public health and safety in our region.
To find out more about work under way to control pest animals, the key pests for the Wakefield region, best techniques for controlling pests and your responsibilities as land holders, visit the Natural Resources Northern and Yorke website

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Pest and weed control funding scheme - up to 50% off!

Funding towards the management and control of pest and weeds on private land within the Wakefield or Light Council regions is available now. Applicants can receive up to 50% off for the cost of control (up to $2,000). The funding is aimed at engaging local contractors for the work although in some circumstances landholders can complete the works.

Note: before you complete your application please ensure you meet the criteria in the Funding Conditions Guide.

The following are proclaimed weeds and pets:

  • Summer Weeds: African Boxthorn, Silverleaf Nightshade, Buffel Grass, Innocent Weed, Caltrop, Khaki
  • Winter Weeds: Artichokes, Horehound, Bridal Veil
  • Animal Pests: Fox & Rabbit Baiting

Applications close FRIDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2020, with works expected to be completed by WEDNESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2020.

Project Manager Ryan Wood is available for further information on 0439 563 833 or at


Apply now!

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